1. Peter Mantu

    Hi Julie,

    This post is a perfect example of learning new things every day. I really didn’t know anything about discovery day. I will definitely keep this in mind when I finally put my mind into this type of business. Thank you so much for sharing this. All the best to you.

  2. Melody

    Hey thanks for the informative post. I had never heard of a Discovery Day. I didn’t realize that such a thing was offered to potential franchisees. I have never really looked into joining a franchise but it is nice to see that there is the possibility to learn about the company before spending money.

    Thank You!

    • Hi Melody,
      thanks for the comment. Yes, some franchisors actually invite brokers to their discovery day. They are very informative and help me present options to my clients.
      Take care and cheerio,

  3. Matthew

    Interesting, I had never heard about discovery days before. Where do you find information about discovery days? Are they open for everyone or do you have to sign up first?

    • Hi Matthew,
      Thank you for the comment and question. A potential franchisee has passed through several barriers before being invited to a discovery day. Most of their financial information has been verified so the franchisor knows they can afford to start a franchise. They have also passed certain personality tests (if the franchisor uses those) to determine if the candidate has the profile of someone who could be successful as a business owner. So, unfortunately, discovery days are not for anyone merely curious, but people truely interested and determined to open this particular franchise. However, they often invite brokers, so we can learn more about the brand so we can effectively present it to our clients. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for asking it.

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