1. Zach

    Hello Julie,

    I just want to say, first of all, that the way you felt about WA and your experience is a carbon copy of the way I feel about WA, as well as how I reacted. Like yourself I signed up very early on. I’m pretty sure I signed up on my second day.

    Second, this is a very well written article. Easy light reading, yet you hit all the key points and the way you have the information organized is great. It has a really nice flow throughout the page.

    At first I wasn’t sure that I was going to be all that big on the text moving over the different tints of yellow but as soon as I got going on it, I realized it really wasn’t an issue after all.

    Great read, thank you Julie!


  2. Angela

    WOW! This website looks great! Great information! You really incorporated the information to match each other to get your message out!

  3. I enjoyed your experience in Wealthy Affiliate. Many don’t know about it or feel they lack tech knowledge to build a website.

    If you could put a price tag on the free training there, how much would it cost?

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