My Process

Franchising is an exciting world of possibilities and if you’re just getting started, here’s what you need to know:

A) There is a PROCESS to acquiring a franchise

B) All franchisors have a process, but they may vary from one franchise to another

C) My job is to guide you through their process from beginning to end

Here is MY process:

STEP # 1 – You Contact me  

STEP # 2 – I contact you and we have initial conversation  -or-   we schedule a call for initial conversation

STEP # 3 – We have initial conversation and develop a working relationship…I begin to understand what you are looking for and how you want to proceed

STEP # 4 – I research franchises or business opportunities that meet your criteria. As I choose franchises I believe would fit your needs, I will conduct a territory check with the franchiser, to ensure they have open territory where you want to do business.

STEP # 5 – I prepare a presentation for you

STEP # 6 – We schedule a time for the presentation

STEP # 7 – I conduct the presentation with you and we discuss your likes and dislikes

  • If you do not like anything I’ve presented, we discuss your criteria further and I go back to STEP # 4
  • If you like any particular franchise I have presented to you, we continue…

STEP # 8 –  We schedule a 3-way conference call with the franchise representative

From here, we let the franchisor lead the way, but I am with you through the entire journey and you can call me at any time for help, guidance or give me tasks to complete for you if possible.

Here is a list of activities that may, or may not happen next over the course of weeks or months depending on the franchise and your desired participation:

  • You will provide detailed personal financial information to the franchisor that they will verify
  • You will take a personality-type test to help the franchisor determine if you have the attributes they feel are needed to run their franchise
  • You will request financing and work with a funding partner to determine how much you qualify for to borrow, and later obtain funds
  • You will learn about the franchise and how they do business
  • The franchisor will learn about you as a potential business owner
  • You will discuss all aspects of the business: territories, real estate(if applicable), marketing, hours, training etc
  • You will attend a  Discovery Day
  • You will review a Franchise Discloser Document (FDD)
  • You will retain a Franchise attorney

…………Note: up through this point, you are NEVER UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO ACQUIRE this franchise and can decide to discontinue process

  • You will sign a Franchise Agreement – you would then be a business owner and be obligated to acquire and run the franchise after all training and pre-opening activites are completed.

I can help you at any and all stages and we will work as a team until:

  • a)  you acquire the franchise                           -OR-
  • b) you choose to no longer continue the process

So let’s get started with STEP # 1 

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