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Franchise Review


  • BizOp or Franchise:                   Franchise
  • Name:                                          My Pie
  • Category:                                    Food & Beverage
  • Subcategory:                              Pizza
  • Cash Investment:                      $150,000 USD
  • Net Worth Requirement:           $350,000 USD
  • Home-based:                              No
  • Passive investment allowed:    Yes
  • Financial Assistance:                Yes
  • Veteran discount:                       Yes
  • Item 19  :                                      No

     Overall Rating                     (95 out of 100)


This is quality pizza that is fast and made-your-way. My Pie offers quality ingredients that make up New-York-style flavor and goodness. Fresh vegetables and the highest quality meats give this dining venue high MyPie_NYmarks and makes it a viable contender in an age-old market of good old fashioned pizza. As you move through the line you can choose the crust, sauce, cheese and other toppings, but there are classics and pre-defined options for those who have trouble deciding. Classics include the Margarita and “Mr. White” and you’ll find “Angry Bird” and “My Uncle Nicky” as tasty combos from which to choose. These pies are baked in an 800 degree oven for less than 2 minutes while you get your fountain drink, or they also offer domestic beers and red or white wine . You can then retrieve your pizza and go sit down in the quaint dining area. Don’t feel like a pizza? Choose a calzone or a variety of salads. Appetizers are available as well and include garlic knots, meatballs and caprese salad. Chocolate chip cookies are obtainable for that sweet tooth.

The My Pie brand is a sister brand of CRUST, a full service restaurant concept that was started by John and Mike Merendino. As the CRUST concept evolved, a retail line of marinara sauce was launched that was sponsored by  Kurt Warner, an NFL quarterback who led the Arizona Cardinals to the 2008 Super Bowl. This home made signature sauce is used in the My Pie recipes and adds an authentic taste.


  • This is a fast casual pizza eatery with a small footprint seating about 50 people
  • Food is ordered at the counter, then delivered to the guest’s table
  • Typical hours for a My Pie restaurant are 11am to 9pm, 7 days a week, but may vary by location
  • 10 to 15 employers are required equating to about 4 per shift
  • Absentee ownership is available for those with the skills allowing for passive involvement
  • Excellent marketing techniques include member rewards program


Training and support program details:
MyPie_Pizzas–8 days in Phoenix and up to 5 days at the franchisee store

  • Company overview
  • Store operations
  • POS system and data reporting
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Purchasing and inventory control
  • Equipment use and maintenance
  • Staffing
  • Customer service
  • Operational controls
  • Position hiring and training
  • Human resources

Cost for Training:
a. Investor: 0
b. Others: 0
c. Later for new hires: 0

Lodging and airfare included: No
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Mentor following training: Yes
Length of mentoring Franchisee: 6 Months




  • who are passionate about serving the best pizza in the county
  • who are fun, energetic, and people-orientedMyPie_LoveYou
  • who want the opportunity to succeed through hard work
  • who value transparency, teamwork, family, and loyalty
  • who meet the financial requirements
  • with strong organizational skills and the ability to follow a proven system
  • who are dedicated to superior customer service

Restaurant experience is a plus, but is not required.


Franchise Fee:                                                   $35,000
Total investment range:                                      $184,845-$546,095+
Liquidity requirement:                                         $150,000
Net worth requirement:                                       $350,000

Royalty:                                                               5%
Additional fees:                                                   -0-
Financial assistance available:                           Yes

VetFran program:                                                Yes
SBA Registered:                                                  No



MyPie_YourwayOn my 2nd visit, as we arrived at the counter, we were greeted by a friendly face and an offer for a quick guide if we’d never been there before. Since I sort-of knew the ropes and had already decided on a pre-defined pizza option, we made our selection, slid around the corner and carefully watched them prepare our pies, as we engaged in friendly chit-chat with the staff.

I ordered the “My Uncle Nicky”, mainly because I wanted to try Kurt Warner’s marinara sauce. I choose the wheat crust and noticed it has a nice little lip around the edge to hold in all the goodness which included meatballs, mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan. My guest ordered “My Greek Pie”, a vegetarian variety, with pizza sauce, garlic, feta, spinach, artichokes, roasted red peppers, red onions, and Kalamata olives (now that’s a mouthful, in more ways than one!) and it was finished with a drizzle of balsamic. We got them to-go but also dined-in to get the whole experience of the eatery.


Tempe AZ

After we paid at the register, then got our fountain drinks, we took a seat out on the patio. The entire restaurant holds about 50 including the outdoor patio…that is just an eye-ball guess, but really the ideal size for a neighborhood bistro. It was a lovely Phoenix evening and the sun was just setting, so it was perfect. The pizza’s were delivered to our table before we could say Mamma Mia! Those 800 degree ovens don’t mess around!

The taste of my pizza was divine with the bite of the crust just right, and I must say the marinara sauce had the right everything about it. After a couple of slices of my own, I tried my friend’s which was a completely different taste but was equally yummy….a no-meat option so full of flavor you didn’t even miss the meat.

Around this time, the restaurant owner stopped by to check on us, which is something I’d only expect at a fancy 4 or 5-star restaurant, so it was a genuine touch of Italian hospitality….engaging but not at all bothersome.

MyPie_TatumAll in all, a great experience and good authentic pizza for a decent price…classics are $7.95 and the others, as well as the pizza-your-way is $8.95.  The only thing that might have made it better was if I had wine, which they offer for $6 per glass and $3 refills! Maybe next time. And for the beer drinkers, you can choose from 5 or 6 draft beers in which some are locally brewed. Another item, saved for my next visit, is a chocolate cookie…gone are the days my waistline can handle pizza, wine AND dessert!  Sigh, I miss those days.

Now, back to the rewards program….when I paid at the register, I was asked if I’d like to join their rewards program. I took the bite and supplied my cell phone number and email address. I normally avoid doing this at most places, but if I can get a good discount on great pizza, I’m going to!  So within 10 minutes I had a text to confirm my membership, the next day I had an offer for a $5 classic pizza, NICE! and then an offer to download an app so I’d never miss a reward!!   Crazy world of technology right?  But you always have the option to opt-out or stop receiving texts, so if it starts to be too much, you can easily shut it off. The app is called Five Stars and not only does it keep track of your My Pie rewards, but gives you access to many other deals within your community, for other restaurants, spas, boutiques and other retailers. Cool!


03/06/2016 – Valerie in Arizona

My Mother recently passed away. She was 100% Italian. I’m judgmental and know the difference between a good and a great pizza pie and have yet to taste one that compares with my Mom’s. My friend suggested we try MY PIE.

MY PIE is an unpretentious Bistro but the line outside the door and the smells wafting through the air are dead giveaways that you’re in for an authentic treat.  MY PIE lets you build your own pizza and are aware that deciding what ingredients should go on your pie should never be rushed. The staff who are friendly and patient understand this.

MY PIE offers whole wheat, traditional, and gluten-free crusts. MY PIE offers 30 different toppings including cheeses for vegans. We had the pleasure of meeting the owner. A genuinely down-to-earth guy, who came to our table to ask if our pie was perfect. MY PIE made me think of my Momma’s pie – right down to the traditional and respectful belch at the end of the meal! If you want mainstream pizza have it delivered, but if you want GREAT pizza, visit MY PIE.


If you’re a pizza consumer, or a potential business owner, you can’t go wrong with the My Pie brand.

Contact me today for more information on owning a My Pie Franchise.



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