1. I may be interested in franchising a location based on the growth rate of such a young franchise…do they have any statistics related to the average financial compensation an absentee owner may expect?

    • Hi Brad,
      As a franchise broker, I am not at privilege to discuss the earnings potential of a franchisee. If you would like to pursue further, the next step would be to schedule a 3-way conference call with the franchisor. They can give you projections based on the performance of their company store. If you’d rather, I could give them your contact information, with your approval, and they can contact you directly. The advantage of my no-cost services is that I can coach you through the phases of franchise acquisition. Can you tell me what city or zip code you’d be interested in opening the restaurant?

      Let me know what you’d like to do, or leave your contact information on my contact page.
      Thank you for the inquiry Brad.

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