Fuchsia Spa Visit

Fuchsia Spa is a new beauty destination being offered as a franchise. Before I presented it to my clients, I wanted to undergo treatments first hand, so I could provide proper information based on personal experience.

It’s a sunny March day and I’m vising Fuchsia spa for the first time for a facial and massage. It’s located in an area with other businesses and restaurants and the signage stands out with it’s fuchsia color and “Fuchsia Spa” title. When I enter, I am greeted by one of the owners Lisa. Lisa, and her business partner Erin started Fuchsia Spa in 2006 and after much success, decided to franchise the brand. Lisa welcomes me, takes me on a tour and provides me with some paperwork to complete. These forms will tell the technicians about me, my health, my allergies, my special concerns, what kind of music I like during the treatments, etc….because really, it’s all about me!

The place is clean and fresh, with a check-out counter on the left and a nail counter on the right.  After completing the paperwork, I’m led to a waiting area that is dim and relaxing. The modern fireplace captures my attention as I take in the ambient surroundings. The rocks in this fireplace change colors from blue to purple to fuchsia, yellow and green….it’s a little mezmorizing actually and holds my attention longer than I’m willing to admit.  Moments later, I am greeted by McKenna for my massage. She is pleasant and welcoming and makes me feel very comfortable. She addresses my concerns and asks about any problem areas I have. After choosing my desired aromatherapy scent, she gives me clear instructions and leaves the room so I can disrobe and get situated on the massage table. She knocks to return and she begins. Now, I am someone who wants a deep tissue massage and McKenna delivers. Despite her tiny stature, she can press out those tight tendons and does it without any pain.

I sometimes talk during a massage, but find that talking takes away from the enjoyment, so we were mostly quiet during the treatment. She would often ask if the pressure was satisfactory, which it was, but I was left to enjoy every blissful moment. Enya music in the background was an added enjoyment.

After a great 50 minute massage, I change into the provided robe and slippers and move on to my facial. A basket is used to carry all my belongings to the next room. Addyson, the aesthetician, greets me and gives be a brief overview of what to expect. I change from the robe to a shoulderless cotton wrap and get comfortable on the table. Addyson returns and asks about my skin issues and what my are goals are for the facial. In general, I just wanted to tighten and brighten my skin that day, so she began the process. The next 50 minutes were no less than fabulous as she administered several applications of great-smelling and great-feeling products. I also received almost another massage as she kneaded my neck, shoulders, head and arms and hands. Total bliss!

As I check out, I am presented with all of the product lines that they carry including a Fuchsia brand. Addyson recommends a few products based on our conversation about my skin goals. I check out and I’m on my way.

All in all, a wonderful experience at this spa. Friendly, clean, informative and most of all, great-feeling.   Being a membership-based spa, it’s very affordable and would allow me to get a monthly treatment, plus great discounts on other treatments throughout the same month.

Not only is this a fabulous spa, but a great franchise for those looking to start their own business. Go HERE for a review of Fuchsia Spa as a business opportunity.




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