1. Thanks for sharing this with us, its very interesting. I must admit I have never heard of Franserve but I like the sound of being able to focus on individual business needs and advising people. I do enjoy being able to help people in that way, you must find it very rewarding?

  2. I joined FranServe about 3 1/2 years ago. One of the key things I tell my candidates when they are speaking to a current franchisee regarding the opportunity to become a franchisee. Ask the right questions. Do not ask if they are happy with their performance and are they successful. Because that is a function of that particular individual. They should ask is the Franchisor or Biz Op company, fulfilling their promises to you regarding brand recognition, training, and support, etc. I am very successful with Franserve because they have been straight, honest, very professional and provide a super business culture to have fun while earning money. I made the right choice.

    • You are absolutely right. A potential franchisee needs to know if the franchiser is strong in supporting their franchisees, and not just making empty promises in doing so. Thanks for the comment, and thumbs up on FranServe!

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  4. Selenity Jade

    I haven’t heard of FranServe before.  It sounds like it might be very rewarding for the right people.  I’m, unfortunately, am not great at coaching other people.  Lack of people skills, really, as I do my best work alone.  But it might be excellent for someone who is a people person to help them coach franchisers. Nice article, thank you.

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